Chris Staniforth
Guitars & Back-Up Vocals



          Born raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  Chris Staniforth originally sought a career in Professional Hockey before turning his attention to Music. After a small and short stint on drums at a very young age, by his teenage years Chris took to guitar. Like everyone else at the time, he took a liking to Michael Jackson's Thriller and was headed in that musical direction until being introduced to Led Zeppelin. Being absolutely taken by Jimmy Page and his Les Paul, he knew what he wanted to be. Garage band to high school talent shows to playing Montreal Dive bars under age, his musical path was being paved one gig at a time.


          While working in retail, Chris met a young man named Danny Rossi. Besides being completely opposite in every way they shared a common interest in music. Before too long they were playing in a cover band with some local heroes. After

playing several gigs and taking what they needed out of that experience they began writing some original songs. After a couple of other cover endeavors, Chris and Danny founded the group ONE in 2001.


          While learning how to write songs and find a sound and a style, Chris also took an interest in the business side of music, already having a brief background in management. For over a year he studied the ins and outs of the business to hopefully one day be able to apply the knowledge to his band. In 2006, ONE launched their debut album and hit the road for some tour experience. Since then ONE has released 3 albums, filmed 6 videos, charted 3 singles in the top 100 and done more than 500 shows in North America. Winning regional awards for original work and as well as building a fanbase all over the World.


          To this day as it was from the day they started the band, Chris and Danny remain the principle song writers in ONE. With no signs of slowing down and an undying dedication to the craft, there and many more chapters to be written in Chris' journey. Besides being a principle song writer, Chris has co-produced the bands first 3 albums and wrote as well as wrote treatments and helped direct the bands videos. Chris also writes for Canadian Rock magazine "The Portal" and interviews artists for the magazine, most recently Five Finger Death Punch.


          When time permits, Chris consults in the bar business and likes to play Hockey with friends.





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