OCTOBER 22nd,2018


"All Or Nothing" Hits BraveWords!






SEPTEMBER 19th, 2018 9PM


ONE NIGHT ONLY! An Acoustic Evening with Danny and Chris. Playing some songs of the bands 4 studio albums as well as Generational anthems!

Don't miss it!




AUG 11th, 2018     Le Bûcher       Quebec City, Quebec     8pm


Tickets: https://lepointdevente.com/billets/project18?embed=1



April 18th, 2018 - New Album Launch @ Cafe Campus in Montreal, Quebec



April 4th, 2018 - The Making Of "All Or Nothing" Part 4





March 28th, 2018 - The Making Of "All Or Nothing" Part 3





March 21st, 2018 - The Making Of "All Or Nothing" Part 2





March 14th, 2018 - First part in making on the bands 4th Studio Album


Here is the first Part in the making on the bands 4th Studio Album "All Or Nothing"





March 10th, 2018 - Launch of 4th studio album


ONE will be launching their 4th studio album at Cafe Campus. A live concert DVD will also be filmed on the same night. Come and be a part of ONE history.



January 1st, 2018


Happy New Year! Wishing you all a year full of prosper!



December 25th, 2017


Merry Christmas to all our family, friends and fans



June 22nd, 2017 -      Teaser #2 "Undeniable"


Here is another clip from new upcoming "All or Nothing" album. A track called "All I'm After"





June 16th, 2017 -      Teaser #1 "Undeniable"


Here is a little sneak clip of the track "Undeniable" from upcoming 4th studio album "All or Nothing"





June 13th, 2017 -      "New album release update"


Here is an update on the release of the bands upcoming 4th studio album





June 13th, 2017 -       "Relaunch Website"


We are very excited to officially launch our shiny new website. New web store is also a new feature. All news, albums, Pics, videos and links to band sites are all available at





March 17th 2017 -       “Am I Beautiful


First Single for 4th Studio Album “Am I Beautiful” is released at 7pm today. “Releasing a single on St-Paddies Day?!? What could be cooler than that?!? Says guitarist Chris Staniforth. We have put a lot of time and energy into this album. We are very excited to get it out to and share it with the World”



March 2nd 2017 -       “Unleashing the Beast


The first single “Am I Beautiful” from the bands upcoming album “All Or Nothing” will be digitally released on March 17th. The band will also be releasing a video for the single. “We can’t even express how long we feel we have been waiting to announce this, says singer Danny Rossi. This songs kicks serious butt and we can’t wait for people to heat it”



December 31st 2016 -       “Happy New Year


The band rings in the new Year rocking Mcleans Pub Downtown Montreal with friends and family and some local fans all present. “This is kinda cool to be able to this…brings us back to when we were touring and playing gigs like this, says Chris Staniforth”. Especially since I have a close personal tie here”



December 15th 2016 -       “Rocking in The New Year


The band has been asked to ring in the New Year jamming at Mcleans Pub in Montreal. The band will be playing some of their catalogue, while at the same time jamming some covers. “We agreed to do it for a couple of reasons, first the kind of bail out a situation. The band that plays this gig booked somewhere else, second because it is fun playing some of the covers we played for so many years” says Chris Staniforth.



November 1st, 2016 -       “Are We Beautiful


Filming for the first single “Am I Beautiful” is today. “Filming videos is important for promotion and kind of fun, says Bassist Phil Hardy. I would much rather be up on a stage rocking to a crowd”



October 17th 2017 -       “It has so been decided


The band has announced that the track “Am I Beautiful” will be the first single from the upcoming “All Or Nothing” album, that has been 2 years in the making. “We are so happy to announce that Jenn Littleton has agreed to direct the video, Says guitarist Chris Staniforth. She has so much experience in the business; she also does everything to make us look like rock stars. So it’s a no brainer”



October 22nd 2016 -       “Road Trippin


The Boys hit the road to Utica NY to play a fund raiser for Cancer. “Funny enough, we were asked to do this through Instagram of all things…says Singer Danny Rossi. These kinda gigs have always been something we have got on board with”



October 14th 2016 -       “Mixing things up


 The band received and began listening to the first mixes from producer Brandon Freisen in LA. A choice for a first single will soon to follow



October 12th 2016 -       “Hello there…it’s Been a While


The band takes the stage after a 3 year hiatus in their hometown. Café Campus is the place, 9pm is the hour. “10 years ago a few months removed, we rocked the stage at Le Petit Campus downstairs for the launch of our first album “Never Say Never” says guitarist Chris Staniforth. Now we are upstairs rocking the big room and have a 4th album coming. It’s kinda crazy that it has already been 10 years”

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