Danny Rossi - Lead Vocals

Chris Staniforth - Guitars & Back-Up Vocals

Phil Hardy - Bass

Sean Pothier - Drums



"Put out an album and tour your ass off". These are words that Canadian Rock band ONE have been living by. Putting out good music and play show after show. "It really is what being in a band is supposed to be about. Says Guitarist Chris Staniforth.

That was always the bands ultimate goal when the band was formed by founding members Chris Staniforth and Danny Rossi in the early 2000’s. “You talk touring one day, even dream about it. Then you work your butt off and one day it actually happens and you gotta pinch yourself”, adds Staniforth

In 2016 ONE had just finished touring for the better part of 3 years behind the bands 3rd studio album Worlds Collide. "We felt we were definitely over due to make a new album. You just get in a grove and time flies, next thing you know your new album is 3 years old!" Says Singer, Danny Rossi.


The decision was made to work with multiple producers on the new music. Producer and Slaves on Dope Guitarist Kevin Jardine stayed on and helped produce and record the bulk of the album, staying true to the last 2 releases. However the band also decided to travel to Los Angeles to work with a Grammy Nominated Producer (Nickelback, Sum 41).


"We just thought it was a good idea to see what someone else can bring to the table" Adds Staniforth. "After working the same way for a while I found we were a little too comfortable in the process. Taking us out of our comfort zone spawned some great creativity. It was a great experience being in LA."

“On songs Like “Am I Beautiful” and “What Are We Fighting For?” he kinda just ripped the song apart in the first sitting. Putting trust in the process, we went along with what he was pushing and couldn’t be happier with the results”, Says Staniforth.

"The sound of our new music has gotten bigger and bigger. We have always been happy with our sound and with where Kevin has taken us. It was cool to take what have learned over the years and bring it to another level" Adds Rossi. "Working with different people helps you learn different ways of doing things, all stuff that makes you a better recording artist. The most important thing is to keep an open mind."


After 3 albums and multiple tours opening for national rock artists and headline dates all over North America, you might ask what keeps it all going. "If you don't like being in the spotlight, meeting new people, traveling, and living out of your suitcase, this life is not for you. But seriously, who wouldn't wanna do all those things?" Says Staniforth who along with Singer Danny Rossi have been there since day ONE. "I have always said that during the rough patches we have had, we need to thank our lucky Stars that Danny and I never had a bad day on the same day"

We are all just a bunch of Hard working Canadian Boys that Love to Rock Out.



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