Chris Staniforth - Guitars & Back-Up Vocals

Phil Hardy - Bass

Sean Pothier - Drums

How do you sum up a band after 12 years, 4 albums, 500+ shows, 7 Music videos, 2 awards and a few member changes? The words that best fit Canadian Rockers ONE, determination, drive, energy to name only a few.


After finishing 3 ½ years of touring behind 3rd studio album “Worlds Collide”, the band decided that it was time for a new album. “It felt like we could have toured that album forever” Says Guitarist Chris Staniforth “We just kept getting show offers and just never said no.”

Before getting a chance to get in the studio they went to play the Radio Contraband Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. “Chris just walked in one day and said…yeah ok…we are going to Vegas” says drummer Sean Pothier. “I had not even played a gig with these guys, here I am flying to Vegas to do this thing.” adds Pothier.


When it was time to choose a producer, the band decided to again work with producer and Slaves on Dope guitarist, Kevin Jardine. “We have reached a point that we feel very good working with him. He creates a great working environment and does not try to change the essence of the band” says Staniforth “There is so much to be said for that when you are in a creative process.”


When a band trusts you with the job of producing their record, it is not something to be taken lightly. There is so much at stake and the band is depending on you to see their vision through to the end. The songs, lyrics and performance mean everything and have to be captured on tape.” Says producer Kevin Jardine


“The band came in with some great songs, and we worked tirelessly to get them to the point that they sounded like you hear on the record.

The band was open to expanding their songwriting and tones, to shape something that is very unique.” Adds Jardine “There are not many times you get the chance to make a career record for a band, but this is definitely theirs.”


After recording, mixing and mastering songs for what they felt was going to be the album. The band decided that more songs were necessary, so they got back to writing. After putting together some new songs, the band decided to travel to Los Angeles to work with producer Brandon Friesen.


“Anything can happen in this business” says bassist Phil Hardy. “We have been doing it long enough to able to adapt to change very quickly and accept new reality” adds Hardy “Working out in LA was a very cool experience.”


“Working with different people can only spawn new creativity, new perspective, and new energy” says Staniforth. “2 weeks in Los Angeles recording can change things. There is something incredibly inspiring about it. The city has incredible energy.” adds Staniforth After finally choosing songs for the new album, a title was necessary.

“Whenever we need to get things like this done, we always get together and shoot ideas around. Truth is, I am not even sure who shot it out “All Or Nothing” but it just seemed to be the right title.


  “Am I Beautiful” ended up being the first single and video we put out first for this one” adds Staniforth. “There were a few others that could have easily been the first single”


With a new album in their back pocket, ONE is once again ready to get out and take over the world, ONE gig at time.



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