Phil grew up in a francophone neighborhood of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and is the oldest of three. Raised by a French Canadian family, he quickly discovered hockey, which instantly became his first passion. But as far as he can remember, music has always been part of his life. ''My parents would listen to everything... Elton John, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, The Eagles, Janis Joplin, Michael Jackson... It definitely played a big part of what I am today.''


          His desire to play music didn't come until the age of 15, when he first heard Metallica. ''Back when I was a teenager, I was listening to a lot of System Of A Down, Nirvana and Drowning Pool (''Sinner'' was actually the first album I ever bought). Then one day I heard Metallica's ''Ride The Lightning'' and was amazed by how good that song was. I remember saving the money my mom use to give me for my lunch and

went to buy the album. The day I bought ''Master Of Puppets'', I got home and listened to the album over and over again for hours. That's when I first wanted to become a musician. I wanted to be like them. I wanted to live this life. I wanted to travel the world, play shows, meet people and party my ass off...There I was, 15 or 16 years old, ready to become a rockstar. So I started saving more lunch money to buy a guitar. '' (laughs)


          He was 16 years old when he bought his first guitar (1983 Ibanez Roadstar Series II). ''I remember going over to my cousin Mitch's one night and he overheard me talking about wanting to learn how to play guitar. A few days later, I bought his guitar for 100$.'' After dropping out of school at 19, Phil started working at the local video store, bought a drum kit and formed his first band, called Brainwash. Constantly having problems finding serious musicians, he ended up playing drums, guitar and eventually bass, shortly before leaving the band. Around that time, he also met Danny and Chris for the first time.


          Early in 2007, he then joined Downshift as the bassist. He then bought his first bass (2007 Ibanez Soundgear). Due to musical differences, he parted ways with Downshift and joined Yesterday And Now at the end of 2007. That's when Phil first met who is now ONE's current drummer, Sean Pothier. Phil performed his first show on December 29th, 2007, coincidentally opening for ONE, and remained with Yesterday And Now through 2008. But once again, due to different musical influences, he left the band shortly before Christmas that year. Early in 2009, he and the guitar player of Downshift decided to restart the band, who had disbanded in late 2007.


          Sometime in September 2009, Phil was partying with Chris when he told him they we're looking for a new bass player. A few days later, only showing up to the auditions with the expectations of jamming a few songs for fun, they told him the spot was available for him if he wanted it. So once again, Phil left Downshift and on December 21st, 2009, he performed for the first time with ONE. ''I remember packing up my stuff after the show when Danny called me to the bar for a shot. That's when Chris looked at me and said: ''You did very well tonight and we want you to stick around for a while...What do you say?''...We cheered, drank our shots and that was it...I was officially part of the family.''


          Finally, after years of hard work, Phil was one step closer to realize the dream he always pursued. ''I remember it took me a little while to really understand what was happening. We left on tour in January 2010 and came back about five weeks later. It was all new for me... Playing shows almost every night, traveling all across the East Coast and Mid-West of the U.S. and everything else that was going on... I was only 23 years old at the time. It was fucking awesome.''


          Phil's appearance in ''Sorry'' was his first video experience, which was filmed in the summer of 2010. Phil's first experience in studio happened in December 2011, when the band recorded ''The Playground Poker Show'' jingle. One month later, he was recording his first record, which was ONE's third album ''Worlds Collide''. The following year, when the band parted ways with Rudy, Phil recommended Sean (Who was playing drums for Yesterday And Now back when Phil was in the band) to be their next drummer. ''We were looking for someone who is hungry, talented and willing to do this. And I knew Sean was that guy. I called him up and he became our new drummer.''


          Since he joined the band in November 2009, has appeared in four videos, has several tours under his belt and performed hundreds of shows. When he looks back at what was accomplished so far, he knows this is just the beginning. ONE is actually recording their fourth album, which will be Phil's second record since he joined the band in 2009.






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