“Be aggressive, you always gotta go for the goal“, is something that stuck with him when he was all of 5 years old. Remembering it to this day as his father kneeled down on one knee and told him to work and attack, never settle, go for the win.


          Growing up always thinking he would end up being a professional athlete, soccer specifically, who would of thought he would be a drummer for a rock band? Sitting in his basement after school was done, in a small house with his father and uncle, hanging out and listening to music as they made playlists on cassettes… remember those? They would listen to everything like Bryan Adams to Mötley Crüe to Shania Twain to Metallica. One extreme to another, that's pretty much where it subconsciously started for him. Little did he know all of about 8 years later he'd be playing drums.

          Fast forward 8 years, having learned of bands through friends throughout those years like The Offspring" and Limp Bizkit, he remembers what it was like to just get to listen to them "My Dad would lose his shit after I would buy a cd of one of those bands… Telling me this wasn’t music… It was just noise." Remembering it as if it was yesterday, they were in the car, and The Offspring’s “ Bad Habit " came on. It was the most uncomfortable feeling when the part of consecutive swear words came out. It was his first time hearing the song and he could recall not knowing what to say, so nervously just bring up a topic about sports or school to just edge the mood away.


         A couple of years later as young teenager, he heard slipknot for the first time.  Being completely taken by their sound her spent every waking moment learning everything he could about them, namely drummer Joey Jordison. His style of drumming, the gimmick of the masks, and image he projected just had him hooked.  Taking the advice of his best friend and musician, after long hesitation uses his Christmas money to buy his first drum set. "Drumming wasn't something that was automatic for me, after I bought my first kit it sat in the corner for at least 2 months. Until funny enough I had a dream about playing a gig in front of thousands of screaming fans, at that moment I realized what I wanted to be". Immediately learning songs like "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and POD's "Youth Of The Nation" fueled his desire. He bgan idolizing Travis barker, and joey Jordison , he began chasing a dream, doing whatever he could to become better drummer.


          Spending years trying to learn the business, having bands, playing shows, etc. he at one point decided that maybe it was a good idea to step away from it all. Having been long time friends as well as past band mates with Phil Hardy, Sean found himself with a huge decision to make. "I had been chatting with Phil off and on always talking about music and what not. Until one day they were on tour and he called me and told me that when they got home they will be looking for a drummer and that my name was the first one that came up. I was super surprised however not sure if I was ready to go back to it all. Until I hung out with the guys at a BBQ. Seeing how close they are and how happy they are, I knew I wanted to be a part of this band".  Sean immediately felt like he was joining forces with 3 other dudes with the same goals as he has, he felt like he could not have found himself better surrounded.


          Dedicated, hard working, and someone who can beat his drums like they owe him money is probably the best way to sum up the person or drummer. Hard hitting, mean muggin’ type of persona bring his life to character.


          All this to say that if you want something as much as you say you do. Never take no for an answer and push for it.  He saw something that touched him and stuck with him, it has been something that he tries  to remember everyday . “Hustle while they party, work while they sleep and you’ll live like they dream “ . There is always going to be someone out there you wants it as much as you do, if you sleep six hours , someone is sleeping five, be hungry, be humble and just go, don’t look back and don’t regret.


''Anything is possible.''



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